Logging Site Modifications

Enabling Logging

Changes to a site may optionally be logged, at a general level, to keep track of who changed what when.

The audit log is enabled by adding a setting named


and setting the value to true.

Viewing the Log

To view the log, click on the Settings in the control panel. If a log is present, you'll see a link at the lower left, "Audit Log".

To download the file, right-click on the link and choose Save As.

Note: The link to the log file may not appear for up to two hours after logging is enabled.

What is logged

The log records only what items were added, deleted, or changed, and not the details of those changes. It records one line of information per save or delete action, suc as:

2013-07-05 19:59:07,michael@webvanta.com,update,snippet,footer

The log covers pages, templates, snippets, and database items, as well as CSS files, JS files, and XML files that are managed through the Structure menu.

Changes to files in the Files tab are not tracked, nor are settings.