Customizing the Admin List Page for Custom Item Types

For each custom item type, the admin list page is automatically generated. You can change the columns shown by creating a global setting named admin.cit.index.columns.

Set the value of this setting to a JSON hash where the key is the CIT name, and the value is an array of label/fieldname/type hashes.

For example:

{"item_type_name": [{"label": "field 1 label", "fieldname":"field_1_name", "type":"text"},{"label": "field 2 label for related item", "fieldname":"field_2_name", "type":"related_single_item"},{"label": "field 3 label for taxonomy", "fieldname":"field_3_name", "type":"taxonomy"}]}.

This feature supports the text, number, date, taxonomy, and related item field types.


JSON String Type Options:

  • text
  • taxonomy
  • checkbox
  • date
  • datetime
  • related_single_item (Single Shared Items)
  • related_group_items (Multiple Shared Items and Related Items)


Additional Customizations

As an alternative (or in addition), the following config settings allow more limited customization.

Setting Name Description Example Determines whether the "created_at" (default) or "updated_at" date column is shown. This must be set to the name of the item type followed by the desired field. A comma delimited list can be provided to set multiple item types. product:updated_at, company:updated_at
admin.cit.index.comment.fields Determines whether or not the comment count column is displayed. To turn it off, set to false. product:false, company:false