Moving Your DNS Hosting

Note: This article applies to you only if you must change where your DNS is hosted, because you are discontinuing use of a hosting company that has been providing your DNS service, or because your are using a DNS provider that does not offer domain forwarding or ANAME records.

If you are setting up a new domain, or you have control of the DNS settings, see this article instead.

Who's Your Nameserver?

If you set up a new domain name with a registrar such as GoDaddy, the DNS servers will initially be set up to be hosted by the domain registrar. This is a good setup for you, because it ensures that you will always have control of your domain's DNS settings no matter where the site is hosted.

Sometimes, however, web hosts have you use their nameservers. When you change the nameserver pointers at your domain registrar to point to your web host, you're telling the DNS system that your webhost is the master source of DNS information for your domain.

If you won't be using that web host any longer (once your site is on Webvanta), then you need to find a new nameserver. Then, be sure to set up all of the existing records, such as MX records for mail delivery, before switching to the new nameserver.

Setting Up a New Nameserver

For your nameserver, can can either:

  • See if your domain registrar can provide DNS. Look for an options to return to using "default nameservers". Then you should be able to access DNS settings at the registrar.
  • Set up a DNS service, such as DNSmadeeasy (which is simple and reliable). If you take this approach, the DNS service you choose will tell you what the nameservers should be set to at your domain registrar.

Be Careful with DNS Changes!

Caution: The nameserver may have many settings beyond just the server name for web site. Changing the DNS can disrupt email delivery and cause many other problems if you do not precisely copy all of the old records to the new nameserver.

If you need help with any of this, just create a ticket with as much information as you can provide and we'll be in touch.