Set Up Your Design

Once you have a few pages created, you’re ready to begin making your site look just how you want. Unlike many content management systems, with Webvanta there’s no limits — you can control every aspect of the site’s appearance. We give you simple HTML and CSS to get you started, but you can change everything to your heart’s content.

Templates Create Page Structure

The structure of your pages is determined by the templates. You access the templates via the Design control panel. You can have as many templates as you want, and you can use any HTML you want in them. The integration with the content management system comes with a simple tag that you insert at the desired spot in the template: <w:content region="Main" />, for example.

It’s generally easiest to start with one of the templates we provide and modify it, but you can also take your own HTML for a complete page, remove the page-specific content, and replace it with a content tag. To use our in-place editing, you’ll need to add a couple of JavaScript and stylesheet tags to include our code. See Using Templates to Define Page Structure for details.

Style with CSS

Your starter site comes with two default CSS files: webvanta.css has the basic page layout code, and dropdown_menu.css provides styling for the main menu.

If you just want to make color changes, the simplest approach is to use the Configuration Settings screen (Design > Config Settings). You’ll see a variety of settings for color values for common page elements. These values are automatically inserted into the default stylesheets in the appropriate places.

You can modify the default stylesheets as you’d like, or add your own stylesheets. Just modify the template files to link in the desired stylesheets.

You access stylesheets via Design > CSS Files. For details, see Styling Pages with CSS.

Figuring Out Which Styles to Change

We highly recommend using the Firefox browser and the Firebug extension. With Firebug, you can point to an element on a page, and it will show you which CSS styles are affecting it, which files those styles are in, and even the line number within the file.

Upload Images

To add images to your site, upload them via Content > Images & Files. You can upload a zip file with multiple images, and if there are folders in the file, they will be preserved. See Uploading Files for details.