Setting up a Private-Label Master Domain

In your private-label settings, you'll find a setting named By default, this is set to When you create new sites, they are at, even though you may have set all the other private-label options.

You can change your master account so you can create sites using your own master domain name, with new sites at URLs like

Don't change the setting without reading the rest of this article first, because there's several steps to the process and you'll have trouble creating new sites until all the steps are completed.

Setting the DNS for the Master Domain

In the DNS settings for your master domain, you need to add a wildcard CNAME record, which controls that is not otherwise specified, so that all new sites you create will automatically have their DNS set.

To create a wildcard CNAME record, enter "*" as the the hostname (without the quotes), and set the value to

Any A or CNAME records that specify a hostname (such as www, for, or mail, for will override the wildcard setting, so you can define specific hostnames (subdomains) to direct to any server you want.

If you have an existing CNAME record for *, you will need to modify it to point to our server. In this case, you may need to create other A or CNAME records for specific hostnames (subdomains), pointing to the IP address for which the * record was originally created.

Webvanta Server Configuration

In addition to the change you need to make in your DNS, we need to add your master domain name to our server configuration. When you're ready to set up your master domain, please create a ticket specifying the subdomain of your master site and the domain name that you want to use as your master domain.

We will get this set up on our end within a day, and let you know when it is complete.

Changing the Base Domain Setting

Once you've updated your DNS and received confirmation that we've done the required setup on our end, it's finally time to change the setting (accessed via Settings > Private Label Config) named Enter your master domain name here, without any subdomain (e.g.,

Testing the Setup

Now you're ready to test the setup to ensure everything is working properly.

Follow the directions in this article to create a new site.

The activation links in the email should point to a subdomain of your new private-label master domain.