Creating RSS Feeds

Your Webvanta site is automatically supplied with an RSS feed that covers all of the database content. By default, it provides the most recent 25 items.

You can customize this feed and add additional feeds if you desire. To edit the feed, go to Structure > Feeds & XML Files in the control panel, find the feed you want to customize and click the Edit icon for that feed.

To create a new feed, go to Structure > Feeds & XML Files in the control panel and click on the Add XML File button. The form is initialized with the default feed, which you can then customize.

Here is the code for the default feed:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<rss version="2.0" xmlns:dc="">


    <title><w:data name="company_name" /></title>

    <link>http://<w:account key="domain" /></link>

    <language><w:data name="RSS_feed_language" default="en-us" /></language>

    <ttl><w:data name="RSS_feed_ttl" default="40" /></ttl>

    <description><w:meta:description tag='false'/></description>


    <w:each by='date' limit='25'>    


          <title><w:escape_html><w:name /></w:escape_html></title>

          <description><w:escape_html><w:body /></w:escape_html></description>

          <pubDate><w:rfc1123_date /></pubDate>

          <guid>http://<w:account key="domain" /><w:path /></guid>

          <link>http://<w:account key="domain" /><w:path /></link>






Customizing the Feed

To provide excerpts instead of full text, change the <description> line to:

  <description><w:escape_html><w:description /></w:escape_html></description>

To change the feed to include only articles, and not other items that you add to the database (e.g., links to other sites), change the <w:each by='date' limit='25'> line to:

  <w:each by='date' limit='25' type='articles'>

To create a feed that has only links, change that line to:

  <w:each by='date' type='-articles' limit='25'>

You can also change the limit number to include fewer or more items in your feed.