Building Your Site with Webvanta

Webvanta is one of the most productive and powerful website building platforms available. Once you learn how to use it, you'll be able to build sites more quickly than ever before, with more features, and that are easier to maintain.

As a first step, we highly recommend that you take 15 minutes and watch the getting started video.

Adding Content to Your Site

There's two kinds of content in a Webvanta site:

  • Static content, which is placed directly on a page
  • Dynamic content, which is stored in the database and inserted on a page

(Note that even what we call "static content" is stored in the database, but it is static in that it is fixed to a region of a page, rather than being in a structured database.)

To edit static content while viewing the site, just click the Enable Editing button in to toolbar, hover over the region you want to edit, and click on the gear.

To add database-driven content, you need to add content to the database. The details vary depending on what SmartTheme you have started with and what kind of content you are adding. In any case, you'll find links to all the content types in the Content menu in the control panel.

Styling Your Site

You have complete access to all of the code that creates your site.

The HTML is created by the pages (see Structure > Pages in the control panel) and templates (see Structure > Templates).

The styling comes from CSS files (see Structure > CSS Files in the control panel). You can also upload CSS files that you don't plan to edit to the Files area.

The stylesheets are linked from the head section of the templates, which in our SmartThemes is typically in a snippet called "html_head" (see Structure > Snippets).