Using Private Pages and Membership Features

Webvanta provides membership features in three levels:

  1. Guest-level access allows you to require a password to access selected pages. This feature is available for Pro and higher plans.
  2. Member-only access, which is available in Plus and Premium plans, allows members to register and edit their profile.
  3. Multi-level membership allows you to define multiple member groups, and control access based on group membership. This feature is available only in the Premium plan.

For general information about protected pages, see Protecting Pages from Public Access.

Guest-Level Access

All Webvanta Pro-level and higher accounts can set pages as "Protected" to restrict access. To access these pages, visitors log in using a shared password that the site owner must communicate to them.

Protected pages cannot be accessed by search engines, so they are not indexed, and they cannot be accessed by anyone who does not know the password.

See the support article Setting Up Simple Restricted Access for details.

Member-Only Access

See the following articles for details on setting up user profiles and registration forms:

Custom Membership Features

Some sites have specific needs that require custom back-end logic to implement some membership functions. If you have needs that aren't covered by our standard features, please let us know and we can discuss building what you need as a custom feature.

Managing Your Membership

If you need a full suite of membership management features, we recommend Membee, a hosted service for membership organizations. Webvanta has been integrated with Membee so you can use Membee's member database and other features, while building a web site with Webvanta. When a user tries to access a member-only page on a Membee/Webvanta site, the user is authenticated by the Membee system, and this information is passed to the Webvanta site seamlessly.