Using the Editor (Overview)

Webvanta provides a dual-mode editing widget that is available to you throughout your control panel, and as an in-place editor when viewing your site.

The editor has two distinct modes:

  • Code Editor, for editing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code
  • Rich Text Editor, for editing HTML text in a WYSIWYG environment

The editor appears in many places throughout the control panel, and also in the in-place editing window when viewing the site.

Switching Modes

Depending on the context, the editor may start up in either mode; when it knows you're editing code (beyond HTML), it starts in code mode. If you're editing JavaScript or WebvantaScript, you should work in code mode.

You can switch between modes by clicking on the small icons at the lower-left corner of the window: the gear enables code mode, and the document enables RTE mode. There's also a third icon that disables the editor widget entirely and shows a simple text area, for those rare situations in which you want unfettered access to the raw information.

The two editors are entirely separate bodies of code, which has two implications you should be aware of:

  • Shortcut keys and available commands are different in each mode.
  • Both modes have undo/redo capability, but the undo history is lost when you switch modes.

Common Features

Here are some shortcuts that work in either mode:

Ctrl-CCopy selected text
Ctrl-XCut selected text
Ctrl-VPaste text
(Ctrl-Backspace for Safari)

Overriding the Automatic Mode Selection

If you want to disable the RTE and have the code editor appear everywhere instead, create the config setting and set its value to "code" (don't include the quotes).


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