Using the Code Editor

The code editor provides a variety of features that make it easier to write, edit, and debug your code. It supports HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and WebvantaScript.

Syntax Highlighting

Your text is colored to show which parts are strings, comments, numeric values, etc. If the code has a structural error, such as a close tag for which there is no matching open tag, the offending code is shown in red.

Note: WebvantaScript syntax highlighting is currently limited and will be improved in future versions.


The tab key indents the current line or, if multiple lines are selected, all the selected lines.

Shift-tab removes one level of indentation.

Undo and Redo

Ctrl-Z undoes the previous action, and Ctrl-Y redoes it. On Safari, Ctrl-Z may not work, in which case you can use Ctrl-Backspace.

Find Matching Brackets

Ctrl-[ looks for the matching bracket and, if found, highlights it briefly. The cursor must be immediately after a (, ), [, ], {, or } for this to work.

Cheat Sheet

Ctrl-CCopy selected text
Ctrl-XCut selected text
Ctrl-VPaste text
(Ctrl-Backspace for Safari)
Ctrl-[Highlight matching bracket
tabIndent current line(s)
Ctrl-tabOutdent current line(s)


The code editor is based on the open-source Code Mirror project.