Accessing Page Settings

You can use WebvantaScript tags to access information from the content management system that is specific to the page that is being displayed (that is, information that you entered on the New Page or Edit Page form). The tags listed below are used primarily in templates. For an example of how they are used, see the standard templates provided in the starter site, and the "html_head" snippet that is referenced in those templates.

<w:meta:title />
Returns the text for the page's title. Used to provide the HTML page title, which is displayed in the browser's title bar and is important for SEO. If not set explicitly for a database item, which can have a metadata title that is different from the item title, it defaults to being the same as the title. For regular CMS pages, there is only one title.
<w:meta />
Returns a set of HTML meta tags with the keywords and description for the page.
<w:stylesheet_webvanta />
<w:javascript_webvanta />
These two tags load the Webvanta stylesheet and JavaScript code required for in-place editing. These tags have no effect unless an admin user is logged in. You can omit them from your template if you don't want to use in-place editing.
<w:javascript_ajax />
Loads the Prototype and Scriptaculous JavaScript libraries, which are used in some of Webvanta's starter-site code.
<w:region name="name" />
Defines an area within a template (typically a column or horizontal stripe) where editable regions can be placed.